American flag airbrushed on Harley Davidson tank.

 Custom paintwork specialist John Spurgeon has over 35 years experience. Starting his paint and design career in 1983 he has established himself as a household name for custom design and paint work. Johns work is  particularly well known in the custom motorbike and scootering world.


Based near Norwich, Norfolk, UK, John is still producing top quality design and paintwork.

 John has also featured in and appeared on: 

BBC Television, Anglia Television

Back Street Heroes & Scootering Magazines.

A collection of recent work can be viewed in his portfolio section along with a collection of older work in the nostalgia section.

Fine art, custom airbrush and design work custom artwork

John Spurgeon Logo on airbrush work

  Vivienne Westwood

Ben De Lisi

Oswald Boateng

Focus PR

Giant Cycles


Yoi Sushi

GE-BE Transport

Del's Nursery

DK New York

Vespa UK

Vivaldis PR

Batiste Shampoo


VC Associates

Lexham Insurance


Waymans Transport

Ted Baker

Devilbiss UK

Back Street Heros

ASDA (Walmart Group)


Harley Davidson



John Spurgeon airbrush

 I work with Airbrush, traditional brush work and digital print in order to create a finished product that suits your requirements. 

Artwork and Design to suit a wide range of applications ranging from Motorcycles, cars, boats, guitars, locomotives, planes, helmets along with larger industrial and commercial work and signage. Each item is taken on an individual basis and may require advanced preparation in order to produce high quality artwork. 

Many hours are spent in the preparation stage ensuring surfaces are in top condition prior to the hand painted artwork. Once completed great care is taken in the final polishing stage to achieve a glass like finish. Superior products used throughout giving a high quality long lasting finish. custom artwork art and design


1. Concept

From your initial concept we will develop ideas to produce the best results.  

2. Design

Once a plan has been agreed, the design stage begins. Artwork is sourced and a design is created. 

3. Restoration

Items are thoroughly checked and any restoration work is undertaken.

4. Preparation stage

Once any restoration has been carried out  high quality materials are applied to give the best surface for your design.

5. Artwork

Now a perfect base has been created your artwork or design gets carefully painted with every attention to detail.

6. Protection

The finished artwork is then sealed under top quality coatings which protects your artwork for years to come.


John Spurgeon. Custom Airbrush, Artwork and Design. art and design custom artwork